Elite Beach House ECR

Elite Beach House ECR is an extraordinary holiday home in an equally remarkable location awaits your arrival. This beach house is located on Kanathur, ECR Bay Beach, opposite to Mayajal.

Elite beach house is modernizing a luxury style villa into a glossy functional space is no easy feat. This is named one of the top ECR beach houses in Chennai region by EzeeStays.

Additionally, Elite beach house architect uses local craftsmanship and modern design to create the beach house perfect for a breezy escape.

Correspondingly, this beach property is ideal for a family and friend’s weekend with unparalleled views of the sun and sea.

Similarly, this private beach house indoor-outdoor design is perfect idealistic retreat. 

Moreover, this is extraordinary beach house in ecr near to Uthandi tollgate which has all the elements to make your next weekend stay unforgettable.

Also, this villa is the perfect weekend retreat in the heart of ECR highway for family and friends. 

Furthermore, for booking Elite Beach House call us at 8248475909, 9087992829. 

Amenities in Elite Beach House ECR

  • 4 AC Bedrooms with attached westernized toilets
  • Hall with TV, Sofa
  • Balcony view
  • Terrace with outdoor dining hut
  • Swimming pool with 4 – 5 feet depth

Features of Elite Beach House ECR

  • Independent and secured beach house opposite to Mayajal
  • Luxurious interiors, to be even look more beautiful
  • Prime location makes it an ideal place to stay and relax 
  • Stroll around the shops, restaurants, cafes

Outdoor Photos

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Indoor Photos

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Bedroom Photos

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Restroom Photos

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Swimming Pool Photos

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