Majestic Beach House ECR

Majestic Beach House ECR is a peaceful property with elegant interiors and private swimming pool.

Peer over the edge of the terrace and watch the sunlight sparkle off the Uthandi beach. Take the private pathway to the most pristine coastal waters in the area. Serenity is waking up every morning to the most impressive panoramic views of the ECR coast.

This two storage four bedroom beach house in ECR laid back surf-cottage feel is complemented by sleek, modern interiors with warm touches of wood and large windows to let the ocean breeze in.

Relax poolside as you listen to the sounds of your favorite. Plunge and swim toward the rejuvenating lengthy swimming pool, or make your way to the swim-up.

Amenities in this Beach House

  • 4 Air conditioned bedrooms
  • 2 bedrooms in ground floor and 2 bedrooms in first floor
  • Ground floor and 1st floor has separate hall and lobby area
  • Hall furnished with sofa, dining table, kitchen space
  • ¬†Refrigerator,
  • Jacuzzi in first floor restroom
  • 25 meters swimming pool up to 8 feet depth
  • 500 meters walk able distance to beach

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